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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Every Singaporean are Astronaut ?

After a long break, here is the surprising news! The answer to the question is "Yes". Why? If you do things that are done only in outer space, can you call them astronaut? or the altitude still matters? In fact majority of Singaporeans stay and work on higher altitude than Malaysians. Nevertheless, they also drink what the astronauts drink. Do you know that the astronauts also drink NewWater. Their urine are recycled for them to drink! Are our vying Malaysian astronaut informed of this?

On the other side, even though US is a Superpower on this earth, at the outer space, they still have to use toilet facility belonging to Russia. Not only that, they have to bring back all their waste to their spacecraft. No way the Russian will clean for them! Not only that, their waste from outer space will be burnt on earth's atmosphere. No wonder, the US (foreign policy) smells stink. Shame with such thing, now the US want to have their own toilet facility outer space and paid U$ 19 million to the Russian for them to build it.