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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ijok By- Election: Like Microsoft Vs Open Source

If you ask a computer enthusiast about the by-election in Ijok, what answer can you expect? Lets assume someone that read all sort of political news available online such as that from pro-govt site, opposition site, and not to forget, independent news portals explains to this computer geek about the scenario. How do you think he will explain it to you in non-political way?

He will first scratch his head and may end up telling you about the fight between open source movement and microsoft. He will try to argue that microsoft is always buggy and you pay to get those buggy software. On the other hand, open source software is free, they address many of the issue or functionality that proprietor software offer, although they normally don’t provide after sales services. On the publicity side, microsoft has huge fund with them and they can afford to advertise anywhere, anytime. In comparison, open source movement, with its limited fund, can only go for online promotion. Nevertheless, they aim to get bigger market share and give a stronger competition to microsoft. Microsoft is catchy to new users due to its graphical interface, but these users will start to think again when their microsoft system is hacked, and latter on need to reinstall with microsoft's immediate patch. It is how long you can stand with those patch work and the amount of dependence on microsoft software that will finally decide you to about turn and use open source software. The microsoft people recognise this, and to avoid dropping market share, they will introduce new products as well as preinstall new machines with microsoft products. In addition to that they had also made it easy to do patching and mostly it is automatic. This is psychology tactic to make it hard for them to switch to open source. Anyway up to now Microsoft is still winning the game…

Now, it is quite obvious that Microsoft is Barisan Nasional and the Open Source is Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Now your task is to guess the proper political word/phrase for the bolded words/phrases as this computer enthusiast is not common to those words/phrases… is this fun?


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